What is a serum? Does your skin need it?

Odds are you can certainly benefit from daily use of one! If you’re out of the loop about serums, let’s chat about their benefits.

Serums are lightweight yet potent liquids or gels that penetrate the skin to deliver nourishing benefits. Made up of small molecules that absorb well into the skin, they contain a high dose of high-quality ingredients that can effectively absorb quickly and deeply directly into skin cells for maximum performance. Serums are a key tool in preventing the signs of aging, evening out skin tone, and reducing discoloration, among other uses.

Do I need a serum if I moisturize?

Serums are different from moisturizers in several ways. While moisturizers add hydration the skin, serums deposit nutrients. Moisturizers tend to be thick and form a barrier to retain moisture within the skin whereas serums travel deep into cells.

This means that you can use it after cleansing to deliver skin-nourishing ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins deep into cells and then seal the goodness in with a moisturizer. Serums are a complimentary product to moisturizers and should always be used prior to moisturizing. If a moisturizer is used prior to applying a serum, this will prevent the serum’s molecules from effectively reaching the skin cells.

Why are serums typically small and more costly?

We mentioned how concentrated serums are. This means that a little goes a long way. Because so little product is required to achieve results, a it will last for months and is a worthwhile investment when caring for your skin. Please be aware that when using a serum, more is not necessarily better. Always use it exactly as instructed. Due to their high concentrations of active ingredients, just a few drops is typically sufficient to see results and too much of a serum can cause irritation, a rash, or itching.

Choosing a serum

The type of