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At LuRey, we believe that every woman has the power to reveal her authentic beauty at any age.


LuRey is the result of my quest for natural, effective and affordable skincare products for women just like my mother. When she spiraled into depression during menopause I became desperate to help her regain her confidence.


For years we tried products—high end, prescriptions and budget-friendly—but with no results.


That was before I met the chemist in 2010 who introduced me to an eyelash enhancing conditioner that helps natural lashes grow thicker and longer. It sounded too good to be true! Skeptical, my mother and I tried the formula. We fell in love with the results and bought the rights to the formula. Our lash enhancer quickly became a best seller and we began to expand our product line to include hair serum, clay masks and more. Today we youth extending skincare products that offer premium results without the premium price.


Our innovative products show visible results from the very first use. Our bestselling masks help you to lighten and tighten your skin in one application. LuRey Lash lengthens and extends eyelashes—enabling women to perfect their natural beauty without eyelash extensions and fake lashes.


No matter your age, LuRey puts the keys to authentic, effortless beauty in your hands. We guarantee that once you try it you’ll see the results for yourself.


Own your authentic beauty.




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